Monday, 18 February 2019

Ishara Madushanka

How to Make Money SocialPilot Affiliate Program

SocialPilot is a newly introduced social media management tool and it is now increasing its popularity. Do you know you can make money with this awesome social media marketing tool? Actually, it’s awesome for affiliate marketers and bloggers to increase their incomes.

SocialPilot is a Social Media automation tool and it’s really easy to use. As a social media marketer, you can schedule your social media posts very simply. They provide analytics for every social media post which will help you to identify what kind of posts are getting trending. Recently they offered link shortening service also. You can share videos, pictures and gif files among your social media followers. It’s limited facilities for free packages and where you can only publish 10 social media posts for a single day. But you have many facilities with paid packages. You can be paid monthly or annually. If you are interested in this online tool try their 14-day free package first and then you can decide whether to take a paid package according to your wish.

If you like to make money with their affiliate program, you need to sign up separately. Joining this is totally free and they offer you a 30% recurring commission for every paid sale. You need to refer people to this program to make money.

Socialpilot provides banners and links for their publishers. They track every activity you refer and which will display in your dashboard. Don’t drive fake traffic to this program and refer to original people. If you have a tech-related blog or youtube channel, you can promote this affiliate links easily. This is awesome for bloggers who are writing about social media marketing.

After reaching your balance to the 50$ you can request a cashout. They paid monthly to your PayPal account. After registering they will ask you to enter your PayPal email address. No other payment options for publishers.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I recommend you to read our other blog posts.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Ishara Madushanka

How to Make Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best passive income methods for bloggers and internet marketers. Many web hosting providers have affiliate programs, where they pay high commissions for publishers who made sales for them. Normally anyone can join these affiliate programs and work as a publisher.

If you have a blog or youtube channel with a great number of the audience around it, you can promote these affiliate programs with them. Niches like blogging, web design and development, web design tutorials are awesome for this work.

Bloggers and YouTubers can now make money a lot of money with hosting affiliates rather than Google Adsense or Here are some popular web hosting affiliate programs that you should join.
1)      Hostgator Affiliate Program
2)      Bluehost Affiliate Program
3)      Siteground Affiliate Program
4)      Hostwinds Affiliate Program

I have worked with Hostgator and they pay higher commissions for their publishers. Normally they pay a minimum of 50$ for each sale. If you can refer 21+ people for a single month you will receive 125$ for each sale. Which means you can make 2625$ in that month. So, you can now understand how much you can make with these affiliate programs.

Normally people take hosting packages for a year. So, hosting company receive a lot of money from their buyers because now hosting packages are very high in prices. Therefore companies can pay much higher commissions for their publishers.

Nowadays people not only finding web hosting services. They need website building services. Most of the web hosting providers do all these services. As a publisher, you can refer to people who are seeking website building services. As well as these companies offering domain purchasing services. Therefore anyone who searching website building services who can easily do it in the same place.
Technology is another good niche for promoting web hosting affiliate programs. You can publish web hosting reviews among other blog posts.

Most of the hosting providers issue custom coupon codes as a promotion. You can promote these coupon codes in your blog. It is an incentive for users to buy hosting packages for their sites.
Impact, CJ, Shareasale, and other popular affiliate marketplaces allow publishers to promote these affiliate programs with them. However, I suggest you don’t need to join them. You can directly join via hosting provider’s website. It’s free and really easy.

Bluehost is another best web hosting provider and which is directly recommended by the WordPress websites. They pay 65$ per sale and which can increase until 120$.

How to Promote Webhosting Affiliates
For this work, you can use social media marketing tricks. But you need a large audience to attracting buyers. As I said earlier, Blogging is the best method to promote web hosting affiliates. If you have a youtube channel with a good number of subscriber count, It’s awesome for this work too. Technology and internet marketing related channels have good opportunities to make money with this method.

You can write and publish hosting reviews, Hosting comparisons, Custom Discount coupons in your blogs and youtube channels to notify your audience. As a marketing tool, you can use banners in your blogs which are normally provided by the hosting company. You just need to put their HTML code in your website.

As a final word, don’t promote web hosting services which you don’t use. It’s recommended to promote services that you have experienced.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Ishara Madushanka

What are the Benefits of Writing Long Blog Posts?

Many bloggers and website owners write short contents. Then they are waiting for getting traffic. But the problem is short contents don’t perform well on Google rankings. If you write less than 300 words mean you are wasting your time and resources.

Writing long blog posts has many benefits. Blog posts with more than 2000+ words always come to the top of the google rankings. Nowadays you need lengthy content to target a specific keyword because the competition is too high. Most of the bloggers now target long tail keywords.

Every blogger should believe the phrase “Content is King. Which describe the power of the content. Short blog posts don’t have much value or future. If your target is to get profit for a long time then you need to write long blog posts.

Neil Patel is a world famous internet marketer. Once he said he was making 100K visitors per a month from his blog All of his blog posts were 4000+ words and he believed content with more than 3000+ words which always comes to the top 10 results.  Neil says long blog posts get more social shares, backlinks, and organic traffic.

Long blog posts have many SEO benefits. That’s why they perform well on google search results. If your site has long blog posts you don’t need to think about much on SEO. People will spend a long time on your site for reading your contents. If people your content for a long time then google thinks this content is useful for him. This will help to reduce bounce rate of that particular site. Bounce rate is one of Google’s on-site SEO factor and it’s better if you can reduce it under 35%.

When your site comes to the top results in google, you will receive more organic traffic. It will help you to increase your Google Adsense income and affiliate income. The major target of any blogger is getting traffic from search engines and increase their blog income.

Neil Patel says articles with 2000+ words get more twitter shares and Facebook likes. We need to believe his saying and actually great articles get more engagements on social media sites. If you can produce an interesting article with great content then you will understand how it performs well on social media sites.

Interlinking is a great way to connect with old blog posts. You can connect many of your old blog posts within a single blog post when you are delivering such a long article. Then your old blog post gets traffic after your current blog posts get traffic. With this method, your views also increase and you can stay your new visitors for a long time with your site.

So these are the major benefits of long blog posts. Now you will understand why professional bloggers try to write articles with more than 2000+ words. To compete with them you need to produce such articles. Before writing any blog post collects a lot of information regarding your topic. Then you can continue your article until the total counts get more than 3000+ words.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Ishara Madushanka

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018 from Zero to 10K

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. There are millions of daily active users. It’s not only a social media site, but it is also a photo sharing site like

According to my experiences, it’s easy to get followers on Instagram rather than getting followers on other social media sites. But some people try to get followers using paid sites or using bots. Getting fake followers has less value rather than getting unique followers.

If you are a blogger or website owner you can use this awesome social media site to promote your blog. Instagram is best for brand promoters who are seeking to promote their brand. If you are more concern on social media marketing I suggest you should try Instagram first.

1)      Make a Plan before getting started
Before implementing any project you should have a plan. Without any proper plan, you are wasting your time, resources, and investments.
Clearly identify your goal first. It can be for drive traffic, boost product sales or increase brand awareness. Define your targeted audience and make a plan for what kind of post should be published. If you planning to do paid promotions, set your budget before getting started.

2)      Sharing a Great Content
This is the most important thing that you should remember on your mind. Great content always allows publishers to get more likes, shares, and comments. Getting more engagements will help you to expose on a new audience. You need to produce some attractive posts to inform and entertain your followers.

3)      Promote Your Profile on Other Social Media sites
If you are well known in other social media sites, it’s better if you can promote your content on that social media sites. Sometimes you can be popular on Pinterest or Facebook. Ask followers to follow you on Instagram. If your followers related to any particular niche or brand, it’s awesome to use this method.

4)      Hashtags
This is another important part that you should know. The words come with # mark are called hashtags. These hashtags allow you to take you to a large audience. You also can follow specific hashtags. Once you enter a hashtag with your post, anyone can easily your post with searching that hashtag. Categorizing your post with these hashtags will definitely help you to get followers quickly. Don’t put more hashtags with a single post. 5-6 hashtags are enough.

5)      Follow Other Users
This is awesome when you are in the beginner stage. Follow about 500 users in your industry and definitely, they will follow you back again. Always follow influencers and top celebrities in your industry, where you can connect with them and helps to get more followers. You need to engage with people you were followed. Give likes and comments on their posts.

6)      Continuously Posting
You need to be active and post regularly to success on Instagram. Make a schedule and post according to it. I recommend a post at least 3-5 posts per week. If you can post daily it will help you to reach your goal quickly. You can use social media management tools for schedule postings.
Watch This Video:

7)      Caption
This is another important part of your plan. You need to enter short caption about your post. Ask questions from your followers. Your caption should be at least 3-5 lines. Use hashtags after the caption.

8)      Profile and Bio
Before posting you should make a complete profile. Give your name correctly and username should be unique and easy to remember. Don’t forget to add your website link to the website field. For the ‘bio’ field add about 150 characters. This field is important for your brand identity.

9)      Tagging relevant users and Location
Ask your friends to tag people in their comments. This will helps to increase your post reach and followers. You also can mention your friends using the @ mark with his username. Always add your location with every single post because this will help you to find followers who in that specific locations.

10)   Videos
You can publish shorts videos on Instagram. These short videos are getting more engagements rather than images. You can publish live videos also. Those who are doing video marketing, he or she cannot forget Instagram.

11)   Instagram Ads
This is the last and easiest way to get followers easily. If you can pay for Instagram you will reach your goal without doing any hard works. These ads are good for brand promoters. If you have an e-commerce website, you can use these ads to promote your new items.

Getting more Instagram followers is awesome for social media marketers. Nowadays you need to know Instagram marketing. This site is owned by Facebook Company. So they will update this site regularly with new changes. You can easily download the Instagram app for your android and IOS devices. This site is mainly focused, mobile users.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Ishara Madushanka

How to Create an Awesome Fiverr Gig that Generates More Sales

Fiverr is a great place to start your freelancing career. As a newbie seller, it’s really difficult to make more orders. It’s really difficult to get your first order on Fiverr.

Last time we were talked about how to get your first order on Fiverr. If you missed that article, please read it below

After reading that post you will understand how difficult to get more sales. The gig is the main factor that sends buyers to you. So it’s really important to create an eye-catching gig for your service. This guide will help you to create such an awesome gig.

·         Do a Research Before Get Started
After selecting your niche, find some top-rated sellers who are delivering the same service. You need to follow them. But don’t try to be copied. Read carefully their gigs and understand what the factors that they have included are. Note down special points that they have mentioned in their gigs. You also try to include those things within your gig. I recommend you to follow 4-5 best sellers who are in the top of the fiverr search results.

Your title should be creative and should attract buyers. Make a list of titles and choose the best one for your business. You only allow using equal or less than 80 characters in titles. Try to produce a unique title and it should be short and sweet.

This is the most important part of your gig. Describe your service in detailed. But it is limited to 1200 characters. Tell buyers about why they choose you. Explain the benefits of hiring you. You can get clear description idea after analyzing top-rated sellers. Find some important thing from their descriptions and you need to include them.

According to my opinion, the prices of your gigs should be less than other top-rated sellers because nobody likes to hire a new seller for a large price. Give your service for a less price as you can. You can include all services for three different categories where you can set prices for each category. Clearly define your services with special features.

Delivery Time
Most of the time sellers who are delivering their services within 24 hours get more orders. Reason for that is buyers like fulfill his work within a short period of time. But the problem for sellers is they have been active and should waiting for quick responses. If you are delivering your service in quick time, please be always active on fiverr. It’s better if you can download the fiverr app.

According to modern researches, fiverr says sellers who have included got 220% more sales rather than gigs without videos. Therefore you need to create a video and upload it to It should be creative and detailed. If you can explain your service in front of a camera, will cause to make trust on buyers. Try to deliver video with each gig.

Images should be eye-catching. Decide how to produce such attracting images to catch buyers on you. I recommend you to use photo editing software like Photoshop. Don’t upload images which were downloaded from The main concern factor that you need to remember is, image and title is the first impression for the buyers.

You can add 5 tags. Search what are the keywords search by your users. Find the best keywords and add them to this field. You can get an idea from your top competitors.

Frequently Asked Question
Don’t miss this category and add some questions to help your buyers. Find those frequently asked questions and solve them with your answers. This is very important for both you and your buyers.

I hope this guide will help you to produce an awesome gig. Do some deep analyzes about your service and your competitors. After creating your gig you can think about how to promote your gig. Fill all important parts and don’t put spaces.

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