Friday, 1 March 2019

14 Main Causes for Reject your Adsense Application

Google Adsense is the most popular and best CPC advertising network for bloggers around the world. It is a dream of any newbie blogger. Adsense pay much higher prices for clicks and conversions rather than other advertising networks.

Many new bloggers apply for Adsense without thinking about any policy or rules. But most of them fail to get approval. It’s really difficult to be approved because their rules are too sticky. You need to be careful and should be working hard to get success from it. In this article, I’m going to share some common reasons to reject your adsense applications. Please read this guide carefully until to the end.

The language of your Site
Do you know adsense is not supporting for all languages? Actually, it is supported for a few languages only. You can find those adsense supported languages by just searching it on google. Many new bloggers apply to their mother languages. But they do not accept languages that are not in their list. You need to start a blog with those languages. For better success, you need to learn one of those languages first. I also applied with Sinhala language and got rejected. But then I learned English and began to do blogging in English. It is the most used language and where we can target a large audience around the world.

Poor Content
Blogs with very poor content will be rejected easily by the adsense team. So, you need to create high-quality contents and that should be user-friendly. Write high-quality articles with more than 700 words. Once you can write deep articles with more knowledge, it will make more chance to accept your applications very quickly. You need to do research before writing your article. Keep in mind “content is the king” of your blog.  Your content should be grammatically correct and should not have spelling mistakes and other language problems.

Illegal Contents
You are not allowed to copy and paste from other websites. It is a bad habit and google and adsense team will not accept such contents. Always try to make unique contents and don’t be spam.

If you are making contents about pornography, hacking tutorials, gambling, terrorism and other harmful things to society you will be disapproved. Google reject those contents and you are not allowed to do such contents once you like to be an AdSense publisher.

Some bloggers use the same keyword in many times in their contents. Where they expect to rank higher for such keywords. Don’t do such things and be unique and smart. Once you do the same thing again and again, you will be panelist by the google and where you will not in the google search engine.

Applying without Top Level Domain
Don’t apply with domains like,…etc. It’s less chance to approve such blogs. Set up a top-level domain for your blog and then you can apply as a publisher. There are more chances for WordPress bloggers to get accepted. Adsense team more like if you apply with top-level domains like You can easily register a domain from websites like and Where you have only to pay about 12$ per single year.

Illegal Traffic Sources
Don’t use traffic bots to get traffic to your website.  It is a spam method and you will be banned from adsense once you drive traffic artificially. Learn search engine optimization which will help you to drive organic traffic from search engines. If your website has such organic traffic you will be approved quickly without no hesitation.

Don’t believe in Facebook traffic and other social media traffics. There are many tools and software to do get unlimited traffic. But these methods will destroy the entire quality of your site. It is ok to share your contents on your social media profiles. But don’t depend on these methods. Make original contents and which will drive more organic traffic to your blog.

Poor Design
You are not eligible as an adsense publisher once you apply with poor design. Your site should have a user-friendly design with clear navigation. All pages should be visible for visitors. Don’t apply with many widgets and plugins. You should mainly focus on content first. All links should be worked and don’t apply with broken links. Don’t include more things in sidebars because the attention of visitors should have with your content. You need to apply a beautiful theme with a nice design. There are so many free and premium themes available for WordPress bloggers. If you are a blogspot blogger you can customize your current template. There are many blog posts and youtube Videos available for beginners and you can learn from them once you are don’t know anything about coding.

Using Other Ad Networks
You are not allowed to use another advertising network with google adsense. Websites with these ads will be rejected because they are violating adsense policies. You also can’t make money with such two advertising networks. Use one best advertising network at the same time. I have seen bloggers who are applying with few ads and got rejected. If you are a publisher of another advertising network please remove them before applying for adsense.

Less Number of Post Count
Once you apply with 2-3 posts definitely you will not be approved. Create more than 20 blog posts with good contents and then you can send your application. Until then don’t believe you will pass from the exam. It’s awesome if you can produce 50 or more posts. There is a good chance for blogs that have a lot of posts.

Age of the Publisher
You are not eligible for this advertising network once you age below 18. Include your correct details in the sign-up. Newbie bloggers should concern more about this thing and they can apply later days. Read the guidelines carefully before apply.

No Important Pages
Nowadays google adsense team will not accept sites that don’t have important pages like about us, contact us and Privacy policy. They have clearly mentioned these things in their adsense policy page. Therefore, you need to produce these pages. There are many websites that help you to create a privacy policy and term and condition pages. See the pages of top bloggers in your industry and then you can create these pages with your own details.

High Website Load Time
Do you visit a website that is late to load? Sure you will not wait until the load. Just like that, your visitors don’t like to visit you if your site is getting too much time to load. You need to reduce loading time and where you need to remove plugins and widgets. Don’t upload very large images and it should be too small. Upload images if necessary. You can embed video to the blog post rather than it directly adding to the blog posts. Remove all unnecessary advertising banners which increase your loading time. Adsense will not be approved for websites that get too much time to load. Increase the loading time by following these essential things.

No Mobile Responsiveness
This is an important fact that you need to consider. Your site should be easily accessible for mobile devices. Now, Most of the people visiting websites via smartphones. Once your site doesn’t available for such devices and you will lose a huge audience with adsense approval. You need to consider when selecting a theme or template whether it support for mobile devices.

Website Age
Don’t apply to the adsense with newly registered domains. They will be definitely not accepted. I recommend you to wait until it old for about 6 months. If you are a blogger from the USA or europian country you can apply after getting 3 months old. But for the Asian countries, this rule is 6 months.

Copyright Images
You are not allowed to use google images and or from other websites. Create unique images or there are websites that allowed copyright free images. I suggest you create own images with photoshop or any other image editing software. There are also many online image editing tools that you can use easily.

Getting approval of google adsense is not easy. There are many things you need to consider before joining them. Once you were rejected don’t apply again with few days. Make all errors and then you can apply again in a few months. Please read adsense guidelines and policies before making money from it. The policies are changing on time to time. You need to get alert and follow them carefully. I have seen many bloggers failed to get approval and removing from blogging. I recommend trying these alternatives once you rejected.

Work hard for success and it can’t achieve in a few days. Make a plan before doing anything. There are many bloggers who were done illegal things after getting approval. They will be also removing from adsense and you have to work hard to protect your adsense account.

Friday, 22 February 2019

How to do Social Media Marketing for Your New Blog

Blogging is a nice hobby for writers to show their talent and skill to the world. Starting a blog is not hard work. But it’s really difficult to drive traffic to a new blog.

Social media marketing is a newly developed marketing method for online Social Media. You can drive a lot of traffic from these social media sites without no doubt. Today we are going to talk about how to do social media marketing for your new blog site.

 Identify Your Audience
This is the most important thing in a social media marketing plan. You need to realize who my readers are and where they are in. You need to find them in facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Identify your niche and think around it.

Create a Plan
After identifying your niche you can make a plan to implement social media marketing. You need to select the best social media sites for your work and where a need to decide how to work around them. Sometimes you need to create fan pages, new profiles, groups. Another important thing is how to separate time to operate these social media channels. You need to find the best times that your audience is most active in those social media channels. By thinking these things you can make a plan to start.

Manage Social Media Accounts
Don’t join all the social media sites. Keep work around a few sites and where you need to be active. Create profiles, pages, and groups around your brand name. You can use social media sites to promote your brand name. I always work with facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, and Pinterest. There are many newly started social media sites. But they have less audience and engagement rather than popular sites.

This is the number one social media site in the world. Here you can find millions of people who like on your niche. Start a facebook page and a group around your brand. You need to publish posts regularly to success. You can share your blog posts on profiles, pages, and groups. You can find a lot of Facebook groups to share your content. Always you need to join niche relevant groups and remember to not to do spam. You can drive big traffic from facebook when actively work on it.
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This is another widely used social media network that is awesome for bloggers. You need to follow niche relevant people first then they will follow you back. It’s really difficult to get your first 100 followers. Keep active and connect with people who are doing the same thing as you. Use hashtags with your tweets. Make tweets with adding your links. Share your all contents with different titles. You can use WordPress plugins to share automatically on Twitter.

This is social media with a lot of professional people. You can connect with influencers in your industry. You can post on LinkedIn groups and on your own profile. Try to find the best LinkedIn groups with a lot of members. Don’t publish your blog with adding your link only. Add a description and make a nice post before it shares on LinkedIn.

This is a widely popular social media network among Europe people. Pinterest is a photo sharing site and you can upload photos with your links. Keep making pins and Pinterest boards. Follow relevant boards and pins and comment on there.

Other Social Media Sites
You can share your contents on Reddit, StumbleUpon, WhatsApp, and vk. Instagram is another good photo sharing site to creating a brand. However, it is not good for bloggers and which is more suitable for e-commerce site owners.

You can use youtube to promote your content also. Make youtube videos around your blog posts and upload them with your links. When you are getting views you will receive more traffic to your blog posts. Comment on other relevant videos with your links. But don’t be spam.

Social Media Automation Tools
Now you don’t need to separate your time to keep on all social media sites that you are active. There are many automation tools that help you to manage your social media in one place. You can publish the same content on every site and these are the best tools that you can use free

These tools have paid options and you can upgrade them according to your budget. There are options to analyze your posts and it’s awesome for bloggers to identify which kind of posts are getting more impressions and engagements. 

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

Keywords are the search terms that people use to find something on google or other search engines. This can further be divided into short-tail keywords and Long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are highly used and it has high competition. Sites that are in the top positions for short tail keywords are getting high traffic and high incomes. But it’s really difficult to come to the top for those short tail keywords.

Long-Tail keywords are keywords that are not highly used. Less completion and low traffic for your blogs. However, they have many benefits. Neil Patel Blog says that 70% of all web searches come from Long tail keywords. So, you should focus on these long search terms and we are going to talk about why you should target them.

Competition is very low
Now people use long search terms rather than short search terms. Website owners always focus on short search terms with one or two words. But nowadays people use keywords with 5 – 7 words. They expect correct websites will come top for their searching things. Low competition for such long search terms and as a blogger you should always try to focus on such keywords. You need to do keyword research and find those low competition keywords first. Then you can highlight them with on-page SEO works. You don’t need to works hard to come to the top of google results because of less competition among bloggers for them.

Better Search Traffic
It’s really difficult to get organic search traffic from Google and other search engines. But when you are targeting in long tail keywords you will increase organic traffic. There are no high visits from those search terms. But the people coming from those terms will receive exact knowledge that they are expecting. Short terms of keywords will not satisfy the coming visitors. When you are writing more blog posts targeting more long tail keywords, which means you will receive high traffic with counting visits of all long tail keywords. It’s a huge benefit for bloggers.

Higher Conversion Rates
People coming from search engines has higher conversion rates because they are niche relevant. That will help you to sell niche relevant products and services without thinking on social media marketing. Social media traffic always not relevant to niche and you are driving people artificially to your blog. It has less conversion rate. You can sell affiliate products without any doubt.

 Awesome for PPC
Once you are a publisher of Google Adsense, where your income will definitely increase. High payments for clicks. Google Adsense is not good for fake traffics coming from social media. Therefore this is a great benefit for bloggers.

A solution for highly competitive niches
We everybody knows that some niches are highly competitive. For an example, we can take Tech like niche. There are so many blogs for technology and it has make competition between bloggers for some specific keywords.
There is less competition for long tail keywords and it’s a great solution for newbie bloggers to target search engines. They can come to higher positions in less time.

Target few Short-tail keywords
Long tail keywords including in few short tail keywords. You don’t need to focus those short tail keywords separately. Including main keywords into a one long tail keyword make huge benefit for you. Try to find long tail keywords around your main short keywords.

Other SEO Benefits
People coming from long-tail keywords are highly relevant to niche and it will make them keep a long time on your site. When people spending a long time on your blog will reduce bounce rate. Fewer bounce rates help to come to the top of the search results. As well as the average time on site also increases.
Low competition for the search terms will make easy optimization in search engines. You don’t need to spend higher prices for search engine optimization.

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There are many benefits of long tail keywords. You need to do keyword researches to find the best long tail keywords. Always try to make long search term around highly competitive short term keywords. High PPC will increase your Affiliate income and Adsense income. Low bounce rate and higher time on site will also increase search engine rankings. This is suitable for all the bloggers in the industry.

Monday, 18 February 2019

How to Make Money SocialPilot Affiliate Program

SocialPilot is a newly introduced social media management tool and it is now increasing its popularity. Do you know you can make money with this awesome social media marketing tool? Actually, it’s awesome for affiliate marketers and bloggers to increase their incomes.

SocialPilot is a Social Media automation tool and it’s really easy to use. As a social media marketer, you can schedule your social media posts very simply. They provide analytics for every social media post which will help you to identify what kind of posts are getting trending. Recently they offered link shortening service also. You can share videos, pictures and gif files among your social media followers. It’s limited facilities for free packages and where you can only publish 10 social media posts for a single day. But you have many facilities with paid packages. You can be paid monthly or annually. If you are interested in this online tool try their 14-day free package first and then you can decide whether to take a paid package according to your wish.

If you like to make money with their affiliate program, you need to sign up separately. Joining this is totally free and they offer you a 30% recurring commission for every paid sale. You need to refer people to this program to make money.

Socialpilot provides banners and links for their publishers. They track every activity you refer and which will display in your dashboard. Don’t drive fake traffic to this program and refer to original people. If you have a tech-related blog or youtube channel, you can promote this affiliate links easily. This is awesome for bloggers who are writing about social media marketing.

After reaching your balance to the 50$ you can request a cashout. They paid monthly to your PayPal account. After registering they will ask you to enter your PayPal email address. No other payment options for publishers.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

How to Make Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best passive income methods for bloggers and internet marketers. Many web hosting providers have affiliate programs, where they pay high commissions for publishers who made sales for them. Normally anyone can join these affiliate programs and work as a publisher.

If you have a blog or youtube channel with a great number of the audience around it, you can promote these affiliate programs with them. Niches like blogging, web design, and development, web design tutorials are awesome for this work.

Bloggers and YouTubers can now make money a lot of money with hosting affiliates rather than Google Adsense or Here are some popular web hosting affiliate programs that you should join.
1)      Hostgator Affiliate Program
2)      Bluehost Affiliate Program
3)      Siteground Affiliate Program
4)      Hostwinds Affiliate Program

I have worked with Hostgator and they pay higher commissions for their publishers. Normally they pay a minimum of 50$ for each sale. If you can refer 21+ people for a single month you will receive 125$ for each sale. Which means you can make 2625$ in that month. So, you can now understand how much you can make with these affiliate programs.

Normally people take hosting packages for a year. So, hosting company receive a lot of money from their buyers because now hosting packages are very high in prices. Therefore companies can pay much higher commissions for their publishers.

Nowadays people not only finding web hosting services. They need website building services. Most of the web hosting providers do all these services. As a publisher, you can refer to people who are seeking website building services. As well as these companies offering domain purchasing services. Therefore anyone who searching website building services who can easily do it in the same place.
Technology is another good niche for promoting web hosting affiliate programs. You can publish web hosting reviews among other blog posts.

Most of the hosting providers issue custom coupon codes as a promotion. You can promote these coupon codes in your blog. It is an incentive for users to buy hosting packages for their sites.
Impact, CJ, Shareasale, and other popular affiliate marketplaces allow publishers to promote these affiliate programs with them. However, I suggest you don’t need to join them. You can directly join via hosting provider’s website. It’s free and really easy.

Bluehost is another best web hosting provider and which is directly recommended by the WordPress websites. They pay 65$ per sale and which can increase until 120$.

How to Promote Webhosting Affiliates
For this work, you can use social media marketing tricks. But you need a large audience to attracting buyers. As I said earlier, Blogging is the best method to promote web hosting affiliates. If you have a youtube channel with a good number of subscriber count, It’s awesome for this work too. Technology and internet marketing related channels have good opportunities to make money with this method.

You can write and publish hosting reviews, Hosting comparisons, Custom Discount coupons in your blogs and youtube channels to notify your audience. As a marketing tool, you can use banners in your blogs which are normally provided by the hosting company. You just need to put their HTML code in your website.

As a final word, don’t promote web hosting services which you don’t use. It’s recommended to promote services that you have experienced.