Thursday, 23 August 2018

Why You Start a Blog in 2018 - Benefits of Blogging

In this post, I’m going to talk about why you should start a blog in 2018 and how it beneficial to you.

Nowadays both vlogging and blogging become fashion. Many people write blogs and some are starting youtube channels to distribute their knowledge to others. The success in both blogging and vlogging depend on how great content develops and market it.

If you are a specialist in any niche I recommend you to start a blog with youtube channel to share your valuable knowledge with others.

If you have done blogging earlier, you know how your lifestyle was changed with blogging. Why I’m saying that there are plenty of advantages to blogging.

You Can Make Money
In the modern developed world, you can't do anything without money. You can make your blog into an income source with hard working. To make a good income, you should work seriously and dedicate to it. There are many bloggers who make a thousand dollars per months.

There are many blog monetization methods and few famous methods are:
  •     Google Adsense
  •     Affiliate Marketing
  •        Selling Services and products
  •     Sponsored reviews
As a newbie blogger, anyone can succeed with the above methods. So remember blogging can change your whole life.

Your Writing Skills will Develop
When doing any blog continuously the writing skill of the author automatically developed. With my past experiences, I can well write a new blog post that I was in the beginning. So, I can say definitely your writing skills will grow with experiences. There is a huge market for writers on freelancer websites. You can make money for well-written articles. You can become a journalist in newspapers as well as a guest blogger for other popular blogs. So, this makes you become more famous in your niche.

You Become a Researcher
To write a better blog post, the author should have advanced knowledge about the topic he is going to write. Therefore you need to do research. You have to read books and other famous blogs to gather knowledge. When writing more and more blog post you automatically become mature in your study area. To become a pro blogger you need to do increase your research area

You will Find New Friends
When updating regularly, traffic of your blog gradually increases with time. That means a lot of people coming to read your blog post. These people comment on your blog and ask a question from you. Which mean you are dealing with new friends. You will find experts and beginners in your niche. You need these friends to take your blog to the next stage.

If you provide great content they automatically subscribe and follow your blog. With the time you can make a community around your blog.

If you have added social media follow buttons on your blog, they will automatically become fans. You should talent to build a relationship with those people. Blogging becomes more happy work when receive inspires from these people

It’s a Hobby
We always like to do things we love. With selecting a niche you loved, it's always motivating to do blogging again and again. With time this work becomes a hobby for you. Definitely, you will enjoy your work.

You will Become a Time Manager
I have said earlier, blogging need lot of time and passion. You have to wait until getting success. You have to publish a blog post once per week or two. Many success bloggers publish blog post according to a timetable. If you publish once per week, you have to gather information and convert this information to a blog post within a week. You should separate 1-2 in hours in each day. So you have to change your daily works according to it. You will learn how to manage time with blogging.

You Thinking Ability will Rise
Talking about the competition in the SERP, there is really difficult to come on top in google. You have provided different titles and should target different long-term keywords to get organic traffic. Therefore you have to think different. You also need to provide a different kind of articles to attract more people. These things sure develop your thinking ability

There are many benefits to starting a blog. Few of them were talked about above. If you still not start your blogging journey, I recommend you plan to start your blog next year. You should plan these things:
  • Selecting the best niche
  • How to get a custom domain name
  • How to get hosting to your blog
  • What you write in your blog
  • How to drive traffic
  • How to earn money from your blog
In the next blog posts I hope to talk about those things, So, please share this blog post in every social media network and don’t forget to share your questions and post review in comment section below


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