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Best Working On-Page SEO Tips To Rank High on Google 2018

 SEO and Content Marketing are the well-renowned terms in internet marketing 2018. To get more profit continuously you cannot forget those two strategies. To rank high on any search engine you need to produce quality content with user-friendly condition within your website. There are many other factors also affect the rankings on Google.

In this post, we are going to talk about basic on-page SEO factors you must follow on your website or blog in 2018. These are 100% working tips and hope you will enjoy benefits near future.

Make SEO Friendly URLs
First, you need to pay attention to the structure of your all URLs within the site. They play a crucial role in On-Page SEO. Follow these URL structures and these are the search engine friendly recommendation.

These are the bad URL structures which are rejecting by the search engines.

If you are a Wordpress blogger, these are options to change your URL structure before publishing your blog post. Now you can change your old URLs according to the above method. You can include your focusing keywords within the URL.

Start your Title with Main Keyword
The title also plays a key role. Therefore you should try to make better titles. Try to start with the main keyword. As well as try to add other keywords into it. Don’t create too short or too long titles. Always keep your title under 40-60 characters.

Adding Modifiers is important
“2018”, “Top”, “Best”, “Review”….etc are the examples for modifiers. These modifiers help to rank high your posts in google. Nowadays people use these terms when searching for something, therefore you cannot forget those modifiers.

Keep your Title in H1 tags
H1 means “Heading Tag 1”. Always keep your title in this H1 format. Why I'm saying that because Google pays more attention to these H1 tags. If you are a WordPress blogger you don’t want to think about this because the feature comes automatically in WordPress.

If you have an HTML website, you need to change your title as follows
    <h1> Your Title </h1>

Multimedia Plays a Curtail Role
Always try to add images and videos to your blog posts. Images and videos help to engage with your readers and keep them within for a long time. As well as they attract people to read your blog post.  Don’t upload videos directly to the blog post, you can first upload videos to the youtube and then you can embed them in your blog post.

Don’t upload high-quality images to your blog post because It will increase the load time of the specific page. Long time to load mean you will lose your readers. Always remember to add low-quality images in .png format. You can add your keyword when naming the image. Your image name should represent the actual things in the image. Don’t put more than 5 words in your image name. Connect them with the (_) mark.
Ex:  On-Page_SEO_Tips_2018

As well as you should include image alt tags correctly. Search engines detect your image by these image alt tags. Therefore it is important to add them. You also can add your targeting keywords to these alt tags.

Remember to don’t upload more multimedia to your same blog post. 2-3 is enough. Overusing will embarrass your readers. Always remember “Content is King”

Use heading tags correctly
Search engines more concerns about the information which have included within heading tags. Therefore you can use H1-H6 tags to highlight your keywords. The value decreases gradually according to h1-h6. Use H1 tags in your main tile only. You can use H2 tags to other subtitles. Don’t put your entire article in heading tags because it is a search engine unfriendly method.

You cannot Forget Responsive Design
Nowadays, people browsing the internet via mobile phones and tablets. Therefore your website should be responsive to those devices. Google gives better places for those sites and you will penalty quickly.  If your site not working for other devices. If you are a WordPress blogger you can easily select mobile responsive themes to achieve this. Use bootstrap to make responsive HTML websites.
If your website not working for mobile devices means you will lose entire mobile users.

Use Outbound Links Correctly
This is another white hat SEO practice you should try within your website. Always give links to relevant top sites. Don’t give broken links. It can be very dangerous and harmful. Another factor to remember is don’t links to sites like porn, xxx, gambling, hacking….etc. These sites are search engine unfriendly and you must only link to well popular sites only.

Internal Linking
This is a new SEO technique to rank high on google. You can give links to old blog posts via the current web page. This will give additional traffic to your old blog posts too. Use relevant words when linking to old blog posts. Remember to link 2-3 old web pages since your next blog post

Boost Speed of Your Website
If your website load time goes very high, your readers will automatically leave you quickly. Sometimes they will never come back to your site again. Therefore you have to reduce your website load time to save your readers. When your load time reduced you have a good chance to come to the top of the rankings.

Use LSI Keywords in Your Content
LSI Keywords are the keywords that automatically suggests by google when you search for something on google. These LSI keywords are the most searching terms in google and therefore you can’t reject them. These LSI keywords should include in your blog posts carefully.

Include Social Sharing Buttons to Share Your Posts Easily
When your readers share any of your blog post to their social media channels, you will receive more traffic. This is a signal about your content is useful. This will make you rank high. Social signals play a crucial role in modern SEO. So, you must include social media share buttons to get more engagements.

Publish Long contents
When publishing long contents regularly, you will receive many benefits. One of the major benefits is you can highlight targeting keywords in many palaces. Your keyword density going high. As well as this makes your readers within your blog post for a long time. It affects to reduce bounce rate of your website. This is a user-friendly condition and google will think your site should beneficial for readers. If it happens, you will automatically rank high on their list.

According to modern researches, the word count more than 2000 are the top ten results all the time. Therefore you should try to make long blog posts. You have to work hard for better results.

These are the best on-page seo tips to rank high on google 2018. Definitely these tips will helps to get better rankings. Always try to publish high quality content by remembering these things. It is important to update your site regularly. You should include meta tags for higher rankings too. 
You can add comment section to know ideas of your readers. Adding comment section helps to make new friends too. Remember, these are the not only factors to rank high on google. You have to work hard for the off-page seo.
We will bring those off-page seo tips as soon as possible. Until read other blog posts and share them in your social media channels.

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  1. Using old SEO methods and aiming to dominate search results is just like winning a war without a fight.

    These days, if you want to be successful in SEO, then right from the first step to the last your SEO strategy should include the latest methods. Otherwise, you will lose your dollars and priceless time.

    Now coming to your article, I want to convey my message to all the readers who are reading my comment or this article, If your SEO plan right according to these methods, then without any questions you will get higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

    Website loading speed, using LSI keywords, informative and lengthy content, social media, using keyword's synonym in article, meta title, and description, URL structure, responsive design, etc. all the essential SEO strategies are mentioned and well discussed in the post, all these strategies plus high-quality back-links are the things you need to place your website on the front page of search engines.

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