Saturday, 20 October 2018

Why Bloggers Concern More about the Benefits of Blog Commenting

If you are a blog reader I’m sure you would have seen a comment section in the bottom part of the blog articles. Did you think that the comment section has a value for other bloggers?
Actually, that comment section is a great place to share your review about that specific article. There are some several benefits too.

You can add your name, email address, and website. When the blog admins approved your comment, you can see your name with your name. But some bloggers don’t allow readers to comment on their blog posts. Within this blog post, I’m going to talk about some benefits that you can get via blog commenting. I thought it would be better to write an article about the importance of blog commenting in 2018.

This is the most important part in blog commenting. You can receive a backlink through your comment. Most of these links are no-follow. But some blogs allow readers to get do follow backlinks. It’s better to check your commenting site providing do-follow or no-follow links. You should always try to get do-follow backlinks because no-follow only has tiny value. Getting backlinks will index your site fast in google algorithm.

This is actually a bonus for you. When you create do-follow backlinks you are getting traffic from those blog posts. Always try to add valuable comments and solve other problems. This will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. Don’t post generic comments like “nice post”, “Thank You”, “great article”..etc. These spam comments will reject by the blog admins soon. I recommend you write your comment at least 4-5 lines.
Don’t forget to use to produce images for your email address. Which is important to attract readers.

Commenting with your targeting keywords is an awesome way to rank higher on google. But most bloggers don’t approve such comments. If your comment has a value definitely they will accept your comment without considering your name.

You should always target niche relevant sites only. You don’t have any SEO value from the non-relevant sites.  Getting backlinks through niche relevant sites will improve both domains authority and domain authority.

New Connections
Another good advantage is you will get new friends with this process. You will also connect with experts in your niche. It’s important to take your blog to the next level. Your audience will grow and that will make more email subscribers. To get this advantage you need to comment regularly.

Blog commenting will make backlinks, SEO, Traffic, and new relationships for you. As a blogger, you should try this process. This is an easy way to get more benefits and you need some time to allocate some time to read other’s blog posts.

Always add some value and don’t spam. If you are a WordPress blogger, you can add a comment section to your blog. It’s important to connect with other bloggers. Commentluv is a great plugin to do it easily. You also can make email subscribers with this awesome plugin.

Create a blog list which allows publishing do follow comments. Remember, most sites don’t allow to add your website to their site. So, you need to do research to find those sites.

After creating your list, you need to subscribe to their newsfeed. When you receive email notifications you can comment first to their new articles. Be the first is important.


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