Friday, 26 October 2018

How to Get Index Quickly Your New Blog Post on Google

If you are a blogger, you know how long time to index your new blog post on google. It takes time to catch your new blog post by the google bot. Therefore you need to find some ways to index quickly.
Today we are talking about some tips on how to catch your blog post fast on search engines.

1)      Google Webmaster Tool
This is the best tool that you can use for index fast your new article.
This is a good and safe way to start indexing. After move on to the webmaster tool, select ’fetch as google bot’ section. Then enter your URL and click ‘Fetch’. Once you receive a successful status you can click submit button. Where you can submit up to 500 URLs per week.

2)      XML Sitemap
Adding an XML sitemap will tell Google about all pages of your website. Where Google can catch all pages easily. This is awesome for large websites like e-commerce websites.

3)      Social Media Profiles
Nowadays you can’t think about any marketing method without forgetting social media channels. Create social media profiles for your website. Then you can share your fresh contents on there. Be social and keep active on them. Get more followers and engage with them. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are the best social media channels that I recommend. Try to get more retweets, likes, and shares. Getting more social signals will send messages to the search engines about your fresh content.

4) Inbound Links
Getting backlinks from popular and authority sites will also help to catch you fast. Try to build natural and relevant backlinks. Blog commenting and Guest blogging is the best and easy ways to create quality inbound links. Don’t forget to share your new post on Pinterest.

5) Website Speed
Try to reduce your website load time as you can. This will improve your search results and also helps to catch you by the google bot. Add low-quality images to the site and remove unnecessary plugins of your website.

6) Internal Linking
Connect old blog posts with new blog posts. This is another good practice to notice to the google bot. This also drives traffic to the old blog post. Always link to the relevant posts only.

7) Regular Updating
When you refresh your site regularly google will catch you quickly. But most bloggers don’t do that. They only post with long time gaps. I suggest you update your site with new posts at least once a week.

8) Social bookmarking Sites
Use Reddit, Digg, and Stumbleupon to post your fresh contents. These social bookmarking sites drive a lot of traffic and it affects to catch you quickly. Try to find the best social media sites and publish there.

9) Ping Websites
These sites will help to notice to the search bots to catch your site artificially. Don’t overuse these sites. Be careful and don’t spam. Detecting spam will penalize you by Google.

Search engines take some time to catch your site. But trying these methods will index your site soon. Learn basic off page SEO factors and that will help you to know further things about the topic.


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