Thursday, 21 February 2019

Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

Keywords are the search terms that people use to find something on google or other search engines. This can further be divided into short-tail keywords and Long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are highly used and it has high competition. Sites that are in the top positions for short tail keywords are getting high traffic and high incomes. But it’s really difficult to come to the top for those short tail keywords.

Long-Tail keywords are keywords that are not highly used. Less completion and low traffic for your blogs. However, they have many benefits. Neil Patel Blog says that 70% of all web searches come from Long tail keywords. So, you should focus on these long search terms and we are going to talk about why you should target them.

Competition is very low
Now people use long search terms rather than short search terms. Website owners always focus on short search terms with one or two words. But nowadays people use keywords with 5 – 7 words. They expect correct websites will come top for their searching things. Low competition for such long search terms and as a blogger you should always try to focus on such keywords. You need to do keyword research and find those low competition keywords first. Then you can highlight them with on-page SEO works. You don’t need to works hard to come to the top of google results because of less competition among bloggers for them.

Better Search Traffic
It’s really difficult to get organic search traffic from Google and other search engines. But when you are targeting in long tail keywords you will increase organic traffic. There are no high visits from those search terms. But the people coming from those terms will receive exact knowledge that they are expecting. Short terms of keywords will not satisfy the coming visitors. When you are writing more blog posts targeting more long tail keywords, which means you will receive high traffic with counting visits of all long tail keywords. It’s a huge benefit for bloggers.

Higher Conversion Rates
People coming from search engines has higher conversion rates because they are niche relevant. That will help you to sell niche relevant products and services without thinking on social media marketing. Social media traffic always not relevant to niche and you are driving people artificially to your blog. It has less conversion rate. You can sell affiliate products without any doubt.

 Awesome for PPC
Once you are a publisher of Google Adsense, where your income will definitely increase. High payments for clicks. Google Adsense is not good for fake traffics coming from social media. Therefore this is a great benefit for bloggers.

A solution for highly competitive niches
We everybody knows that some niches are highly competitive. For an example, we can take Tech like niche. There are so many blogs for technology and it has make competition between bloggers for some specific keywords.
There is less competition for long tail keywords and it’s a great solution for newbie bloggers to target search engines. They can come to higher positions in less time.

Target few Short-tail keywords
Long tail keywords including in few short tail keywords. You don’t need to focus those short tail keywords separately. Including main keywords into a one long tail keyword make huge benefit for you. Try to find long tail keywords around your main short keywords.

Other SEO Benefits
People coming from long-tail keywords are highly relevant to niche and it will make them keep a long time on your site. When people spending a long time on your blog will reduce bounce rate. Fewer bounce rates help to come to the top of the search results. As well as the average time on site also increases.
Low competition for the search terms will make easy optimization in search engines. You don’t need to spend higher prices for search engine optimization.

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There are many benefits of long tail keywords. You need to do keyword researches to find the best long tail keywords. Always try to make long search term around highly competitive short term keywords. High PPC will increase your Affiliate income and Adsense income. Low bounce rate and higher time on site will also increase search engine rankings. This is suitable for all the bloggers in the industry.


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