Friday, 22 February 2019

How to do Social Media Marketing for Your New Blog

Blogging is a nice hobby for writers to show their talent and skill to the world. Starting a blog is not hard work. But it’s really difficult to drive traffic to a new blog.

Social media marketing is a newly developed marketing method for online Social Media. You can drive a lot of traffic from these social media sites without no doubt. Today we are going to talk about how to do social media marketing for your new blog site.

 Identify Your Audience
This is the most important thing in a social media marketing plan. You need to realize who my readers are and where they are in. You need to find them in facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Identify your niche and think around it.

Create a Plan
After identifying your niche you can make a plan to implement social media marketing. You need to select the best social media sites for your work and where a need to decide how to work around them. Sometimes you need to create fan pages, new profiles, groups. Another important thing is how to separate time to operate these social media channels. You need to find the best times that your audience is most active in those social media channels. By thinking these things you can make a plan to start.

Manage Social Media Accounts
Don’t join all the social media sites. Keep work around a few sites and where you need to be active. Create profiles, pages, and groups around your brand name. You can use social media sites to promote your brand name. I always work with facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, and Pinterest. There are many newly started social media sites. But they have less audience and engagement rather than popular sites.

This is the number one social media site in the world. Here you can find millions of people who like on your niche. Start a facebook page and a group around your brand. You need to publish posts regularly to success. You can share your blog posts on profiles, pages, and groups. You can find a lot of Facebook groups to share your content. Always you need to join niche relevant groups and remember to not to do spam. You can drive big traffic from facebook when actively work on it.
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This is another widely used social media network that is awesome for bloggers. You need to follow niche relevant people first then they will follow you back. It’s really difficult to get your first 100 followers. Keep active and connect with people who are doing the same thing as you. Use hashtags with your tweets. Make tweets with adding your links. Share your all contents with different titles. You can use WordPress plugins to share automatically on Twitter.

This is social media with a lot of professional people. You can connect with influencers in your industry. You can post on LinkedIn groups and on your own profile. Try to find the best LinkedIn groups with a lot of members. Don’t publish your blog with adding your link only. Add a description and make a nice post before it shares on LinkedIn.

This is a widely popular social media network among Europe people. Pinterest is a photo sharing site and you can upload photos with your links. Keep making pins and Pinterest boards. Follow relevant boards and pins and comment on there.

Other Social Media Sites
You can share your contents on Reddit, StumbleUpon, WhatsApp, and vk. Instagram is another good photo sharing site to creating a brand. However, it is not good for bloggers and which is more suitable for e-commerce site owners.

You can use youtube to promote your content also. Make youtube videos around your blog posts and upload them with your links. When you are getting views you will receive more traffic to your blog posts. Comment on other relevant videos with your links. But don’t be spam.

Social Media Automation Tools
Now you don’t need to separate your time to keep on all social media sites that you are active. There are many automation tools that help you to manage your social media in one place. You can publish the same content on every site and these are the best tools that you can use free

These tools have paid options and you can upgrade them according to your budget. There are options to analyze your posts and it’s awesome for bloggers to identify which kind of posts are getting more impressions and engagements. 


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